Sometimes beautiful things happen by accident. Oftentimes they are the result of careful planning and thoughtful execution. It’s not often that a doctor and a lawyer become friends but this is what happened when Dr. Elizabeth (the blonde doctor) met Sara Shikhman (the brunette lawyer).

We wanted to start a company that empowers women while helping them look and feel their best. We previously worked with and started some of the top companies in the aesthetics industry. We are grateful for that experience.

We wanted to be kind to our clients, to our team, and to each other. This is how JoelBeauty was born. It is named after Dr. Elizabeth’s 11 year old son Joel. He’s an amazing young man and Dr. Elizabeth raised him on her own.


You will never be alone.

Our customer care team is available 24/7. Our online appointment booking is available 24/7. Our providers respond to text messages.

We will be kind to you.

We believe kindness is a sign of strength. We believe kindness is a sign of beauty. We will always be kind to you.

We will enhance your natural beauty.

We will work hard to make sure your outside beauty matches your inner beauty. All of us have naturally beautiful and unique features. We will enhance them for you.


 Sara Shikhman led multiple companies from being small single location business to becoming powerhouses across different industries. She’s been featured on Good Morning America, in the Huffington Post, Business Insider, GQ, and many other publications. 

12 seems to be Sara’s magic number. She co-founded BedroomFurnitureDiscounts with $25,000 and grew it to over $12,000,000 in annual revenue in less than 4 years. She led the sales, marketing and legal teams at Juvly Aesthetics from less than $1000 in revenue to 12 locations and over $12,000,000 in annual revenue in less than 4 years. 

An ivy league educated lawyer and master business to consumer marketer, Sara also practiced corporate law at a top law firm in New York and was a professor of business law at Pace University.

It is Sara’s personal goal for JoelBeauty to do it’s first $1,000,000 in revenue before Joel’s 12th birthday.

Dr. Elizabeth is a fellowship trained Plastic Surgeon who counts many celebrities as her clients. An aesthetics and skincare expert, Dr. Elizabeth has been featured in many publications, authored several papers, and received numerous industry awards.

In addition, Dr. Elizabeth was one of the first doctors to administer Botox in the United States and has performed thousands of Botox and filler treatments.